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Rotary Club of Hinsdale

It's Hinsdale Rotary Run time, again! 

This year's event is "Virtual"
...and is strongly endorsed by the Ray Graham Association

Ray Graham Association Supports 2020 "Virtual" Hinsdale Rotary Run

Virtual Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic 2020

The first 25 to register or donate will be entered to win 1 of 4 $25 Gift Cards to Fuller's Car Wash

The first 25 to register or donate will be put into a lottery to win a $25 Gift Card to Fuller's Car Wash! We will contact you by Tuesday, August 11th if you were one of the four winners!
Support this great fundraising event
$25 for an individual or $90 per family
Rotary Run Charity Classic|

The Rotary Club of Hinsdale

Meets every Friday 12:15 PM 
The Community House of Hinsdale 
415 W. 8th St., Hinsdale, IL.  

PO Box 395
Hinsdale,  IL  60521
United States of America

Phone 630-828-6982
(If no one answers, please leave a voicemail)

Follow us on Facebook at

And on Twitter at @HinsdaleRotary on Twitter

We also periodically meet on weekends and the occasional weeknight for social events.  These events will be noted on our website "Club Events" area, which can be found by checking

We invite all Rotary Members and those who may interested in learning about, or becoming a member of Rotary, to join us for our weekly meetings and programming.

The Rotary Club of Hinsdale is part of Rotary District 6450. For more, check out:

Hinsdale Rotary Speaker of the Week

Please join us for our 
Zoom Video
Rotary Club of Hinsdale
Friday, July 26th


Cathleen Himes
Resource Development Director
Salvation Army
Oak Brook, IL
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If you have questions on future meetings or activities,

please contact

President Tom Norton at 630-828-6982

Thank You

Hinsdale Rotary Programming for 2020

The "Virtual" Hinsdale Rotary Run
Charity Classic 2020!!

Hinsdale School District 181 Endorses the 2020 
  "Virtual" Hinsdale Rotary Run

It's Time to Register for....
The "Virtual" 26th Running of the
Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic

Q. Has the traditional "in person" Hinsdale Rotary Run been cancelled?


Q: Why has the "in-person" 2020 Rotary Run event cancelled?

A: Due to the continuing concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), organizations have been advised to avoid having large public gatherings at this time. In compliance with this directive, the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic has been transformed from an in-person run/walk format into a “virtual” race.

Q: What is a "virtual" race?

A: A virtual race is almost exactly the same as an in-person race, but instead of running along the same course, participants can complete the 10K, 5K, 3K run/walk races anywhere they choose.  You can race against your treadmill, run laps around the neighborhood, or walk your dog for the day! The possibilities are endless, and YOUR 10K/5K/3K routing is up to you!

Q:When do I run my "virtual race"?

We are asking all registrants to run their "virtual" races or walks with your "Virtual Rotary Run 2020" jersey beginning on Sunday, September 20th and complete your race/walk by Sunday, October 4th.


Q: How do I submit my “times”?

A: There will be no “times submitted” for this year’s 2020 “Virtual” Rotary Run”. 

So, for this year only, registered runners/walkers will receive a remembrance jersey of the "Virtual" Rotary Run 2020 -- and all finishers will receive a blue ribbon for completion of their own courses.  However, no medals or winning trophies will be awarded.

We also  are asking participants to please submit #’s to our race registration site.  Be creative!  Show us how you are toting up your 10K, 5K, 3K distances.

A site to post your race results will be launched this summer.


Q: Will I still get my Rotary Run Jersey?

A: Yes!  All participants who register will receive the 2020 commemorative “Virtual” Rotary Run 2020 jersey.

Q: Is your registration tax deductible?

A: Yes. Your registration is tax deductible. The sponsor of this race, The Hinsdale Rotary Foundation is a registered not-for-profit entity.

Q: Can I give more to the 2020 “Virtual” Rotary Run than just the $25 registration fee?

A: Yes.  Additional contributions to the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation are welcomed and will be tax deductible.

Q. What is the registration deadline for the 2020 “Virtual” Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic?

A.  Sunday, October 4th

For all other questions, please call Hinsdale Rotary
at 630-828-6982


What Hinsdale Rotary's Partners Have
To Say About the 2020 "Virtual" Hinsdale Rotary Run

Tom Cunningham, 2020 "Virtual" Rotary Run Chairman explains this year's unique "Race"


Judge Monique O’Toole
Discusses Running in 
the 2020 “Virtual” Hinsdale Rotary Run



Deadline to Enter Online
October 4th, 2020

Low Cost Registration
Is Now Underway

$25 per individual
$90 for families of four or more

Register Today !!

Rotary Run Charity Classic


"Christmas Bikes for Military Kids"

Saturday, December 14th

You want to make
a difference
in this

Buy a Bike & Helmet 
for a Military Kid
here in Illinois!

December 12, 2020

Hinsdale Rotary, USO of Illinois, and 
The Community House of Hinsdale
will sponsor

"Christmas Bikes for Military Kids"

Cost: $80 for a new bike & helmet

Send your check for the number of bikes you wish to order to:

Hinsdale Rotary Foundation
PO Box 395
Hinsdale, IL 60521

Rotary Club of Hinsdale

Hinsdale Rotary Reacts to Covid-19 Pandemic

Hinsdale Rotary Supports the Plymouth Place Employee Food Bank in LaGrange

June 22nd, 2020 - 
Hinsdale Rotary, with the help of the Annual District 6450 Presidential Grant, has made a $631 contribution to the Plymouth Place Retirement Center in LaGrange.  

The contribution is earmarked for the Plymouth Place Employee Food Bank to assist in keeping the Plymouth Place employees safe during the Covid 19 pandemic.

As this donation is Covid-19 related, Hinsdale Rotary does not have to match this use of the District 6450 Presidential Grant.

Hinsdale Rotary Contributes Volume Purchase of Toilet Paper to Hinsdale Community Services

June 4, 2020 - Reacting to a request from the Hinsdale Community Services, Hinsdale Rotary contributed $2000 to that agency to make a volume purchase of toilet paper. 

HCS has reported extremely high numbers of new clients requesting service as the Covid 19 pandemic has put thousands out of work.  Hinsdale Rotary was happy to provide these additional resources to HCS in these troubled times.

Hinsdale Rotary Covid-19 “Face Shield” Contributions, In Action!

May 16, 2020 - 
During the Covid 19 epidemic, Member Dick Goers experienced a persistent and difficult case of viral pneumonia.  Although he tested negative for Covid 19, he was very sick and spent 10 days in the Hinsdale Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

During one of those days in the ICU, Dick met a medical worker who informed him that she was wearing one of the 225 Covid 19 “Face Shields” that had been donated to Hinsdale Hospital by Hinsdale Rotary.

Although sick, Dick who is an accomplished photographer, thought fast, and clicked this image of his medical attendant with her Covid 19 “face shield” cheerfully displayed.  

A proud moment for Rotarian Dick, even though he felt lousy!
Covid 19

May 12, 2020 - (From the People's Resource Center, Westmont, IL)

The Rotary is Cool


Thanks to the Rotary Club of Hinsdale, a new three-door cooler is already having an impact on our ability to store and distribute healthy perishable items to our families safely! The cooler currently sits in the PRC-Southeast waiting area and helps our drive-thru distribution to operate more smoothly and efficiently. With eggs, milk and other dairy items stored up front, we can fill carts and serve families more quickly. It also helps with set up and clean up, saving us time so we do not have to transport these items back and forth from the pantry to the front of the building. Click below to read more about this generous gift inThe Hinsdalean.



Hinsdale Rotary Supports Rotary District 6450's Effort to Purchase Specialized iPads for those isolated by Covid-19

May 4th, 2020 - 
The Board of the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation has voted to provide $400 for the purchase of specialized iPads.  This money, when combined with $400 in matching funds from District 6450, allows Hinsdale Rotary to purchase two specialize iPads that are designed for patients who are isolated by Covid 19.  

The District's matching funds program is designed to allow Hinsdale Rotary and ten other District Rotary Clubs to provide these specialized iPads to nursing homes and hospitals in high need areas that are not able to afford them.

District wide, a goal of buying 20 of the devices has been set.

Specialized Telehealth iPads

Hinsdale Rotary Donates Infant and Adult Diapers to Peoples Resource Center

April 16, 2020 - 
Hinsdale Rotary donated $1500 to the Peoples Resource Center for the purchase of Infant and Adult diapers.

Executive Director Jeni Fabian reports that while the supplies of food 
at the PRC Food Bank are holding up satisfactorily for now, there is a growing need for infant and adult diapers.

Part of this is being driven by the Covid 19-related unemployment that is growing steadily in DuPage County.

Hinsdale Rotary Donates 225 Face Shields to Hinsdale Hospital Foundation as Management of Covid 19 Continues

April 7, 2020 - 
The Rotary Club of Hinsdale has donated 225 Face Shields to the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation through a grant of $2000.

The contribution is made up of $1000 in Rotary District 6450 Emergency Disaster dollars, as well as a grant of $1000 from the Rotary Club of Hinsdale Foundation.

The contribution of the face shields to the Hinsdale Hospital is designed to help that facility manage its increasing load of Covid-19 patients.

Teacher Joshua Ahn Tells Hinsdale Rotary of his Experiences Teaching & Living with Lepers in China

August 7th, 2020 - 
The 20th consecutive Zoom meeting for Hinsdale Rotary featured Mr. Joshua Ahn, a high school teacher from Lansing, MI., as our speaker.

Ahn discussed his more than one year effort to work and offer services to several Leper colonies located in Communist China.  He explained the combinations of tremendous loneliness and distrust of other humans that the colonies manifest is mainly due to abuse by the government and society at large.

Ahn said the experiences in China changed his entire life and caused him to become more concerned about 'helping others' than with his own career path.

Ahn concluded in saying his hope is to return to China to work with the Lepers, but that with Covid 19 and the relations between the two countries being what they are, it would likely be awhile before he will be able to return.

Hinsdale Rotary Holds First "Zoom" Video Virtual Meeting in Wake of Covid 19 Outbreak

April 3, 2020 - 
Acknowledging local closures and "social distancing" mandates as the Covid 19 virus continues present public health concerns, Hinsdale Rotary held its first "virtual" Club meeting using the "Zoom" video technology.

The meeting, which ran for 45 minutes included talks by District 6450 Governor, debi Ross; a review of the Covid 19 situation at the Hinsdale Hospital presented by Diane Morgan; a discussion of the food needs at the Peoples Resource Center foodbank; and a great presentation by US Naval Academy Midshipman First Class, Sophie Lekas, who described her career at Annapolis, and also her plans to attend Oxford University. (See story below on Hinsdale Rotary support for Midshipman Lekas). 

Comments and questions were taken from the Club members, and President Tom Norton announced that going forward, through at least the end of April, Hinsdale Rotary will be using  "Zoom" as our mode of meeting.

28 participants were recorded as attending the meeting.

Good News in Difficult Times!

March 31st 
-  On Wednesday, March 25th, President Tom Norton received a call from US Naval Academy Midshipman Sophie Lekas.  She explained she was in need of scholarship support and explained the following to Norton:

Sophie, a 2016 graduate from Hinsdale Central High School, is graduating from the US Naval Academy this spring.

A major in Aerospace Engineering at the USNA, her focus of study is designing and building batteries for space satellites.

She also plays in the First Violin Section of the US Naval Academy orchestra, and is a champion boxer at the Naval Academy. (See Sophie in action below)

Because of her high academic achievement in her chosen field of Aerospace Engineering, the Navy has accorded Sophie with the opportunity for another year of academic study before her formal commissioning as an officer in the Navy.

Wonderfully, she has qualified and received an invitation to study at Oxford University in the UK in the area of Engineering Research.  However, the Navy mandates that for a Midshipman to study abroad, the individual must raise 1/2 of the tuition needed to attend.

In the case of Oxford, the needed amount of private match money was $32,000.

Working with Sophie, Hinsdale Rotary raised more than $4,000.00 to help out, and on Monday morning, March 31st, Sophie notified Hinsdale Rotary, that along with several other contributors, she had succeeded in making her numbers!  At total of $32,000 was pledged!

Congratulations to Midshipman First Class Sophie Lekas of the US Naval Academy.  You're going to Oxford next year for an advanced degree in Engineering Research, in part with the help of Hinsdale Rotary!

Hinsdale Rotary Responds to Request from Hinsdale Hospital Foundation

Monday, March 23rd - 
Hinsdale Rotary, responding to an urgent request from the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, approved a contribution of $5,500 for the purchase of a new Portable Patient Monitor that the Amita Adventist Hinsdale Hospital will use to treat the increasing patient load the hospital is experiencing due to the Corona Virus Covid - 19.

Hinsdale Rotary Supports Urgent Request from PRC for New Food Cooling Unit

Tuesday, March 24th -
 Hinsdale Rotary has contributed a new $3000 food cooler to the Peoples Resource Center in Westmont IL as the PRC capacity to provide food during the surge in Corona Virus - Covid 19 has been strained.  The new cooler will allow PRC to provide more food to more people during these difficult times.

Here's What's Happening at Hinsdale Rotary

Alex Levesque, Founder, Automotive Mentoring Group, of Bedford Park, Addresses Hinsdale Rotary

July 31st, 2020 - 
Alex Levesque, founder of the Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG) of Bedford Park, IL, discussed his unique social/vocational program with Hinsdale Rotary today.

The concept of AMG is to take young gang members off of the streets of Chicago, teach them auto body techniques, and challenge them to quit the criminal life style.

With an 85% success rate, Mr. Levesque pointed out that what he is really doing is offering a complete alternative life to gang banging, drugs, and social upheaval.  He preached stability, establishing structured family units, and realizing there is more to life than joining a gang.

Mr. Levesque also told the story of meeting with deceased member, Greg Donnelly, and how Greg profoundly impacted Levesque's program and several of the young people who were in the program.

Admitting that the work he does is dangerous, he said he frequently witnesses complete personality changes in his young students once they begin his course.

This was an outstanding presentation!


"Farm Stew" Executive Director, Joy Kauffman, Shares the story of the programs successes in Africa

August 24th, 2020 -
Joy Kauffman, Executive Director of the "Farm Stew" program, which provides instruction in agronomy, soil conservation, and health to populations in Africa, spoke to the Hinsdale Rotary today.

Kauffman, a fellow Rotarian from Princeton, IL stated that the goal of "Farm Stew" is designed to improve the health and well being of poor families and vulnerable people by sharing the recipe of abundant life through good food and health.

She explained further that "Farm Stew" is an acronym standing for Farming, Attitude, Rest, Meals, Sanitation, Temperance, Enterprise and Water.

Kauffman said the program was begun in 2015 and now has expanded into Uganda, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe. She pointed out that she is currently working on a Global Grant with Rotary International and invited Hinsdale Rotary to look into the grant and perhaps participate.

District 6450 Governor, Chuck Corrigan, Visits Hinsdale Rotary

July 17, 2020 - 
Newly installed Governor of District 6450, Chuck Corrigan, of the Naperville Evening Club, "joined" Hinsdale Rotary today by Zoom.

Governor Chuck talked about how Rotary must continue to evolve in the midst of the Covid 19 epidemic and shared his concerns and optimism for how Rotary would come through this time.

He emphasized looking for new Members at this time, and to work hard to keep current members engaged in Club projects. 

Chuck also discussed the possibility that Rotary International could focus its sights on "Covid 19 eradication", using the same approach it has used in the eradication of polio.

New Amita Adventist Hinsdale Hospital CEO, Adam Maycock, Discusses Covid-19 Situation with Hinsdale Rotary

July 10, 2020 - 
Adam Maycock, the newly appointed CEO of the Amita Adventist Hinsdale Hospital addressed the Hinsdale Rotary Club today via Zoom.

Maycock told the Club that Hinsdale Hospital, after dealing with a surge in Covid 19 patients in March, April and May is now operating on a much more standard schedule.

He pointed out that elective surgeries, the ER, and all the other normal services of the hospital are up and running.  He stressed that Covid 19 protocols, including extra cleanings, face masks for all within the hospital, and social distancing are in strict order.

He pointed out that the broader Amita hospital system had gone through some very difficult days in other parts of the state, but that as of today, things are smoothing out in most facilities.

Hinsdale Rotary congratulates Adam on his new appointment and looks forward to partnering with him in future community projects.

Hinsdale Rotary "Moves"!

June 27, 2020 -
 With kind assistance from Honorary Member, Mike Meier, who has graciously granted us storage space at his Safe -T- Store facility in Downers Grove -- at no cost(!)-- Hinsdale Rotary moved all our Rotary Run gear to the new site last Saturday.

10 Rotarians, seen in the accompanying video worked from 10AM to 1PM to pull it off.  In the end, the move was a success and our deepest thanks to Mike for his generosity.

Marc Raiser, VP of Engineering at "In Country" and son of Members Ingrid & Manfred Raiser, addresses Hinsdale Rotary

June 26, 2020 - 
Marc Raiser, son of Members Ingrid and Manfred Raiser, and VP at "In Country", a new turnkey data residency firm, addressed Hinsdale Rotary today.

Marc explained that "In Country" enables a company's data to be used in a foreign country in compliance with local regulations and laws.  Once "In Country" is utilized, it enables a firm's data to be unlocked wherever it is established.  Marc stated that this has lead to global expansion for many data driven firms.

Marc also stated that once "In Country" is correctly applied, it will vastly improve a company's foreign compliance program even while leveraging the cloud.  He stated that the best part of "In Country" service is that it can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Marc concluded by pointing out that "In Country" utilizes no shared infrastructures, with all "In Country" infrastructure being fully isolated from other network traffic and resulting in excellent security.

Chuck Corrigan
Chuck Corrigan
Incoming District 6450 Governor

Incoming District 6450 Governor, Chuck Corrigan, Inducts Hinsdale Rotary Officers and Board for 2020-21

June 19th, 2020 -
The Rotary Club of Hinsdale was honored to have incoming District 6450 Governor, Chuck Corrigan, install the Officers and Board of Hinsdale Rotary for 2020-21.

Corrigan is a member of the Naperville Evening Rotary Club and practices law in the town of Naperville.

We thank him for joining Hinsdale Rotary on 6/19! 

Hinsdale Rotary Welcomes Rachel Ossyra, District 6450 Rotary International Foundation Representative 

June 5th, 2020 - 
Hinsdale Rotary Welcomed Rachel Ossyra, President of the Naperville Noon Rotary Club, and District 6450 representive to the Rotary International Foundation.

Rachel explained the various aspects of the Rotary International Foundation that make it unique in the world.  In particular, she pointed out that 92% of RIF collected funds go to Rotary projects.  Few other Foundations approach this high utilization/low overhead percentage.

Rachel also explained the differences between the District Grant programs and the true Rotary International Foundation projects which can run into the 100's of thousands of dollars.

Rachel urged all Club Members to continue to give to the Rotary International Foundation and to understand it is one of the most successful, most financially sound foundations in the world.

 Rachel Ossyra, District 6450 Rotary International Foundation Representative

Dr. Elizabeth Bernadino, Burr Ridge Child & Youth Psychologist, Shares Her Experiences Managing Mental Health Issues During Covid-19

May 29, 2020 - 
Burr Ridge Child and Youth Psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Bernsdino, shared with Hinsdale Rotary her experiences in managing mental health issues in this time of Covid-19.

Dr. Bernadino stated that her cases have increased and that many of her current patients who had gone through long periods of "stability" have now gone into significant periods of destablization.

She also said that all of her patient work now is being done virtually.  She indicated this makes fully analyzing patients difficult as she is not able to observe patient body language, hand movements, etc.

Dr. Bernadino urged everyone to exercise, eat wisely, and moderate alcohol consumption during this time of Covid-19.  She also is concerned that the "trail on" effects (anxiety, extreme tension, fear) of the Covid-19 experience could last for years. 

She concluded by stating that this has been an extremely difficult time for those with psychological issues.

Cyber Expert, Braden Waverly, Discusses the Issues with Online Use in 2020

May 15, 2020 - 
Braden Waverly, of ABW Holdings, LLC, Hinsdale, discussed the cyber world of 2020 today with the Hinsdale Rotary Club.  His presentation was brought to the club via Zoom technology.

Braden pointed out the many issues to be concerned about today in cyber world such as maintaining “good cyber hygiene, the corporate nature of the “dark web”, and how to appreciate the “threat landscape” of the cyber world for each different users web utilization.

Braden stated that today's cyber world is basically a perpetual race between the “good actors” on the web versus the “bad actors”.  He stated he frankly does not see a day in which this competition will end.  

He also advised all web users to be cautious, particularly of any email/text messages that appear unexpectedly, and seem to appear legit. Likely, on close inspection, Waverly said, you will realize they are not.  He stressed not opening any suspicious, unanticipated messages received via the internet.

Braden Waverly, ABW Holdings

May 12, 2020 - Brazilian Pediatric Beds Project, Complete

From: Paulo Eduardo Grimaldi
           Rotary Club of Sao Paulo Pacaembu                    Bom Retiro

Dear fellow Rotarian Donald,

I hope you are in good health in these quarantine times, as well as an active member of Rotary and a professional/business leader.

I am pleased to inform you and the fellows of the Hinsdale Rotary Club that Global Grant GG1981155– Stretchers for Child Institute - was successfully concluded.

The project implementation led to the selection of a stretcher’s supplier (LINET company) among a set of suppliers able to offer equipment that meet Child Institute Clinical Engineering strict specifications. 7 (seven) stretchers with X-ray transparent cover were delivered in Child Institute on April 28th 2020 and put in use immediately.

Every year, about 5,900 children are admitted to the Child Institute for treatment, many of them involving transportation with such stretchers. In due course, after the quarantine we live ends, a solemnity will be held regarding the donation of stretchers with displaying of a plaque mentioning to the fact. The photos of the equipment delivered in the Child Institute I have included.

Assistant Superintendent of Learning for District 181 explains new, innovative STEAM program to Hinsdale Rotary

May 8, 2020 - 
Assistant Superintendent of of Learning for District 181, Dr. Kathleen Robinson was the guest of Hinsdale Rotary today.  She made her address during the Club's sixth Zoom session since the Covid 19 outbreak began.

Dr. Robinson's topic was the new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum that D181 began phasing in 2019.

Essentially, Robinson indicated that earlier D181 has various teachers and schools that were involved with the traditional STEM learning.

However, following several evaluations, it was decided that a comprehensive curriculum, including the arts, along with STEM, should be developed.

2020 is the first year that the exciting D181 STEAM program has been implemented. The courses now go through 5th grade. She indicated the program will extend further into the D181 grade levels going forward. 
Robinson stated that the curriculum has received wide parent and teacher support since its introduction last fall. 

Assistant Superintendent of Learning for D-181, Dr. Kathleen Robinson 

Ray Graham Association, Chief Development Officer, Mark Langan Addresses Hinsdale Rotary

May 1, 2020 - 
Member Mark Langan, who serves as the Chief Development Officer for the Ray Graham Association, addressed Hinsdale Rotary today.

He discussed the many difficult decisions the Graham Association has had to make in the midst of the Covid-19 situation, and how the Association is managing its way through this time.

He also presented a great PowerPoint that described the multiple missions that the Ray Graham Association undertakes in DuPage County, including a video showing one of Graham's clients making his first airplane flight.

Young Men's Education Network Program Director, Marcus Thorne, Addresses Hinsdale Rotary

April 24th, 2020 - 
Young Men's Education Network (YMEN) Program Director, Marcus Thorne, addressed the Hinsdale Rotary Club today, via Zoom technology.

Thorne's appearance was threefold:

First, he wanted to thank the Club for providing a new computer server to the YMEN organization.  Thorne explained in detail how the new server is expanding the educational outreach of YMEN in the community.

Secondly, Thorne wanted to personally thank Member Carolyn Snyder for all her efforts in the planting and expanding of the YMEN community garden. He stated Carolyn's impact on the YMEN "fresh food" program has been enormous.

And thirdly, he wanted to share how YMEN is coping with the Covid-19 virus in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago.  He explained the many services that YMEN is providing in the neighborhood, including delivering food and giving computers to students who otherwise would not be able to participate in e-school programs.

Six Merit Scholars Honored Via Zoom by Hinsdale Rotary

April 17, 2020 - 
With the normal Hinsdale Rotary meeting place, the Community House of Hinsdale, closed due to the public health situation Hinsdale Rotary moved ahead with its 2020 Merit Scholar program via Zoom technology.

With 35 Hinsdale Rotarians in attendance and families and friends of the presenters numbering 16, more than 60 individuals were signed on to listen to six great presentations.

Presenting as Hinsdale Rotary Merit Scholars were:

1. Elizabeth Lahmann, 8th grader, Notre Dame Parish School, Clarendon Hills

2. William Gaffney, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hill

3. Miette Morris, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hills

4. Vivian Sweeney, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hills

5. Tess Klygiss, Hinsdale Central High School

6. Lorenzo Jennings, Hinsdale Central High School

Hinsdale Rotary Pitches in to Help D181 Project with "Cradles to Crayons"

March 5th, 2020 - 
Five Hinsdale Rotarians pitched in to help with clothes, books, and toys sorting for the D181 / "Cradles to Crayons" project.

(Pictured right) Rotarians Virgil Oostendorp, Dan Janowick, Keith Larson, Tom Norton, Hector Garcia, and an unidentified Clarendon Hills Middle School student -- stopped for a quick photo during the 1 1/2 hour sort of goods.

In the end, over 50 bags of clothing, books, and toys were sent to the "Cradles to Crayons" Chicago offices.

Hinsdale Village Manager, Kathleen Gargano, Visits Hinsdale Rotary 

March 6, 2020 - 
Hinsdale Rotary was honored to have Hinsdale Village Manager, Kathleen Gargano, visit our club today.

Ms. Gargano, who was accompanied by Assistant Village Manager, Brad Bloom; Director of Village Finance, Darrel Langlois; Chief of Police, Brian King; and Fire Chief John Gianelli, presented a wide ranging discussion on village affairs.

Highlights included a discussion of the Village Streets Renovation Project, Progress on the Tollway Project, the status of Village finances as of March 6th, improvements to the Village Pool, and her general outlook for the village in the years ahead.

Questions were asked about making up lost revenues from the closing of the Hinsdale Oasis, how the new parking deck program is coming along, along with several questions about how the new downtown parking system will work.

We ran a bit late during the meeting, but this was only because of the interest in Gargano's comments and the many topics that she touched on.  

Thank you for joining us, Village Manager Gargano!  We look forward to another update at a later date.

D181 Superintendent, Dr. Hector Garcia, Shares Highlights of His Trip to LEAP facilities in South Africa

February 28, 2020 - 
District 181 Superintendent and Member of Hinsdale Rotary, Dr. Hector Garcia, shared his insights with the club obtained while traveling to South Africa last summer with the LEAP organization.

Hector discussed the history of Apartheid and how that period of South African history still shades everyday life in South Africa.

He offered his assessment of the LEAP school system versus that of the South African public school system and found the SA public schools to be wanting.

Hector also said that his D181 team learned a lot from the South African LEAP teachers, particularly in the area of emotional support and insight.  He said that D181 is adopting some of the emotional support principles that he found in South Africa into the schools of Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills.

Judge Monique O'Toole Joins Hinsdale Rotary

February 24, 2020 - 
DuPage County Circuit Court Judge, Monique O'Toole, became a member of Hinsdale Rotary today.  Monique is the club's 8th new member in the 2019-2020 year.

She was welcomed into membership by Member Al Alongi and President Tom Norton.

Governor debi Ross of District 6450 also attended the induction and stated she was very pleased with the membership progress that Hinsdale Rotary is making this year.

Monique, who are raised in Hinsdale, currently serves as a judge at the Downers Grove Traffic Court. 

Hinsdale Rotary welcomes Monique O'Toole to Rotary and all its worldwide resources.

L to R - Tom Norton, President, Hinsdale Rotary, new member Judge Monique
O'Toole, Hinsdale Rotary Member, Al Alongi, and District 
6450 Governor for 2019-2020, debi Ross

Merit Scholars Present an Outstanding Program 

February 7, 2020 - 
Hinsdale Rotary was delighted to welcome the latest class of Merit Scholars to the weekly club meeting.

Scholars included Caroline Henige and Rajas Visal, both 8th graders from Hinsdale Middle School; Nicholas Iwanski, 8th grader, St. Issac Jogues School; and Lauren Hughes, Senior, Hinsdale Central High School.

Each student gave an outstanding presentation and demonstrated for all attendees why they very much deserved the Hinsdale Rotary Merit Scholar Award.
(Left to Right)Caroline Henige and Rajas Visal, 8th graders, Hinsdale Middle School; Hinsdale Rotary President, Tom Norton; Nicholas Iwanski, 8th grader, St. Issac Jogues, and Lauren Hughes, Senior, Hinsdale Central High School.

 Brendan Murphy (left) and Dick Uzanis (right) the latest new members of Hinsdale Rotary.
Newest Members to Hinsdale Rotary, Brendan Murphy & Dick Uzanis 

February 7, 2020 -
 Hinsdale Rotary was proud to induct its fifth and sixth newest members for 2019-20 to the Hinsdale Rotary Club, Brendan Murphy and Dick Uzanis.

Brendan is a realtor with Dreamworks Realty in Chicago and met Member Ahsan Karim in college.  Ahsan is Dick's sponsor.

Dick is heading up a not-for-profit here in the Chicago area and is a long time friend of Member Caryl Andersen - who also was his sponsor.

Welcome to Brendan and Dick!

Interfaith Community Partners Visits Hinsdale Rotary

January 31, 2020 -
 Janet Garreau, Executive Director, Interfaith Community Partners of LaGrange visited Hinsdale Rotary this week.

Janet explained the extensive outreach programming that her not-for-profit organization provides, primarily to the elderly of our communities.

In particular, Janet went into detail on how their "transportation network" operates and how Hinsdale Rotary could become a part of that group.  All internet driven, many members indicated an interest in volunteering.  We shall see how Hinsdale Rotary responds!

Jan. 17, 2020 - Eva Fields, Executive Director, Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce Speaks to Hinsdale Rotary

Eva Fields, a good friend and colleague of Hinsdale Rotary spoke to the club on January 17th.

She reviewed several of the programs the Chamber is currently promoting including the Christmas Walk, Wine Tasting Tour, and the Uniquely Thursday program in which Hinsdale Rotary participated serveral times this past summer.

She also urged Hinsdale Rotary to utilize the Chamber Website and participate in the Chamber "After Hours" program.

Thanks for joining us, Eva!

Judge Monique O'Toole Visits Hinsdale Rotary - January 10th 

DuPage County Circuit Court Judge, Monique O'Toole visited Hinsdale Rotary

She shared her experiences on the bench of the Downers Grove Traffic Court and also her views on DuPage County justice, generally.

An interesting presentation!  Thank you, Judge O'Toole!

The Hinsdale Rotary Holiday Party!

December 15th, 2019 
- The Rotary Room at the Community House was transformed into a festive Holiday Party setting with flowers and flowing wine and beer.  A lovely meal was served after a Very Merry cocktail hour was experienced before the Community House hearth.  A good time was had by all 45 members and guests who participated.

The "Crazy Auction" (See Jim Curto's prize, right) was also a great success. The funds raised during this event will send President- Elect, Ahsan Karim, and his wife, Silvia, to the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu.

The Club thanks Caryl Andersen, Carolyn Snyder, and Ingrid Raiser who worked long and hard to make the evening a huge success.  Thanks to the Social Committee for pulling off a beautiful Holiday event!

Jim Curto models his "Crazy Auction" prize hat!

     A wonderful dinner in the Rotary Room followed...

Thanks to all who organized this great event, and to all who attended and enjoyed a wonderful Holiday Celebration!

Cocktail hour before the Community House Hearth

The Hinsdale Rotary Foundation Presents Record Setting Check to the Community House of Hinsdale

December 7, 2019 - 
On Saturday morning, December 7th, President Tom Norton and 2019 Rotary Run Chairman Tom Cunningham presented what is believed to be the largest contribution the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation has ever made - $30,052.66 - to the Community House of Hinsdale.

The money comes from the proceeds of the 2019 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic which was very successful this year.

Accepting the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation check was Braden Waverly, Chair of the Comunity House Board.  Said Waverly, "This contribution is deeply appreciated, as are the long term contributions of Hinsdale Rotary to the success of the Community House."

Community House Executive Director also announced that the Community House will be seeking a $10,000 matching grant for $10,000 of Rotary's contribution -- from the Illinois Arts Council.

Member Jim Curto Presents "Senior Care" presentation at Anne M. Jeans School 

Dec. 4th, 2019 - 
Member Jim Curto presented an interesting presentation on careers in Senior Care at the Anne M. Jeans School.  Member Stephanie Sarris, who is coordinating this program at Anne M. Jeans for Hinsdale Rotary with the Community House, was with Jim and reported that the students were engaged and very interested during Jim's talk and hands on demonstration.

Annual Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast at Yia Yia's in Hinsdale

November 29th, 2019 - 
19 members gathered at Yia Yia's in Hinsdale to share great stories about the family Thanksgivings they had all experienced the day before.  And hey, Fred Glinke showed up, too!

Note: Nobody ordered eggs with turkey.

Charlie, Mike and Carolyn wait for breakfast.  Tom C., Chuck, Jim C., Paul and Keith manning table #2.                  
Hinsdale Rotary Donates a Computer Server to the YMEN organization of North Lawndale, Chicago

Nov. 9, 2019 
- The Hinsdale Rotary Foundation, with assistance from the Rotary District 6450, donated a computer server to the Young Men's Education Network (YMEN) located in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago.

The donation of the server, seen to right in the arms of YMEN Program Director, Marcus Thorne, will connect all the individual computers located at YMEN and will allow YMEN to greatly enhance their educational outreach.

Currently, YMEN is serving approximately 250 students.

Hinsdale Rotary Foundation Presents Proceeds Check to D181 Foundation

November 21, 2019 - 
President Tom Norton, along with 2019 Rotary Run race chairman, Tom Cunningham presented a $6,160.00 proceeds check from the 2019 Rotary Run to the D181 Foundation. 

Accepting the check for the D181 Foundation were Meg Cooper, Executive Director, D181 Foundation, and Colleen Wilcox, President, D181 Foundation.

The D181 Foundation provided extensive communications support for the 2019 Rotary Run, and manned the Rotary Run Awards Tent with an outstanding crew of volunteers.

Said Meg Cooper, "We cherish our relationship with Hinsdale Rotary."

Second Round of 2019 Merit Scholars, Complete!

Nov. 8, 2019 - 
Six more Merit Scholars from the Hinsdale area were recognized by the Rotary Club of Hinsdale for outstanding leadership, academic achievement, and areas of interest.

With President Tom Norton are:Jason Goliath & Mikenna Healy, Hinsdale Adventist Academy Seniors; Nathan Tessalee and Heiry Sierra, Hinsdale Adventist Academy 8th graders; and Sydney Thayer and Patrick Hsiao, Hinsdale Central High School Seniors.

Congratulations to all of these Hinsdale Rotary Merit Scholars!

First Rotary Run 2019 Disbursements Take Place!  

Nov. 1st - One month after the conclusion of the 2019 Rotary Run, 2019 Race Chairman, Tom Cunningham, presented a $10,000 proceeds check to race beneficiary, The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation.

Receiving the check from Cunningham was Diane Morgan, CEO of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, and looking on was Mike Murrill, CEO of Amita Adventist Hinsdale Hospital.

It is planned that all beneficiary checks will be distributed before the first of the year.

Youth Merit Scholars Receive Hinsdale Rotary Citations October 25, 2019

Five local elementary and middle school students received Hinsdale Rotary Youth Merit Scholar Citations during the October 25th meetings.

All the students made excellent presentations and the club asked several questions of the students wanting to learn about the books they are reading, where they wish to travel, and what they hope to become in the future.

The students receiving the awards from President Tom Norton were:

Katelyn Stern, 8th grade, Clarendon Hills Middle School

Willem Marginean, 8th grade, Clarendon Hills Middle School

Anya Raman, 8th grade, Hinsdale Middle School

Shivum Banerjee, 8th grade, Hinsdale Middle School

Madeline Gambla, 8th grade, St. Issac Jogues School

Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation in Naperville, Visits Hinsdale Rotary

Oct. 11th - 
Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director of the Turning Point Foundation in Naperville came to Hinsdale Rotary today to address the club on developments in care for autistic children and adults.

She discussed the challenges her group has overcome in providing services for the autistic population and the success that several of her clients have experienced in the broader community.

The Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic - Oct. 6th, 2019

(For full Rotary Run results, go to:
rotaryruncharityclassic-online race results)

On a crisp, clear fall morning, more than 750 runners leaned forward, and took off at a furious pace -- officially inaugurating the 25th running of the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic.

The Richards family (left) was typical of the "all in the family" approach of this year's race, which is really typical of every year's race!  In fact, the Rotary Run is now known as "Hinsdale's Family Race".

The start of the Rotary Run 10K...

The start of the Rooney Family 5k Run...The Rotary Run's largest field with over 250 runners entered

A classic 5k finisher!

"Hinsdale's Family Run"!!

The World Famous D181 Mascot Race..

The D181 Foundation Awards Crew!  Thank you!

In the winner's circle with Hootie the Owl, Mascot Race Winner for 2019.
High Fives for winner, Hootie, from District 181 Superintendent, Hector Garcia, who is also a member of Hinsdale Rotary.

The "Mr. K" Cup goes to Hinsdale Middle School...

Three generations of Norton family Rotary Runners!

The 2019 Rotary Run race team (l to r): Mike Pauritsch, Sponsorship; Tom Cunningham, Race Chair; Phil Rooney (with starter's horn!), Grand Marshal; and Tom Norton, President Hinsdale Rotary 2019-20.

Hey, let's have a little fun getting ready for the Oct. 6th Rotary Run!

October 2nd - It's been a long nine months preparing for this weekend's 25th Rotary Run and Hinsdale Rotary decided to have some fun, while earning money for the race at the Country House in Clarendon Hills.

The Country House's deal?  15% of all food purchased this week goes to the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation. 

And Wednesday night, Race Chair Tom Cunningham (below) was the "Star Bartender" from 8-10PM.  Yep.  It was a fun evening before the hard work on Sunday for the Rotary Run!

More fun at the Country House, Oct. 2nd...


LEAP Visits Hinsdale Rotary September 20th

September 20th - 
For one month, South African teachers from the LEAP program visited School District 181 elementary schools to observe American teachers and students in classroom activities.

The six teachers who participated in the exchange spoke to Hinsdale Rotary about their experiences in the D181 schools on September 20th.

Hinsdale Rotary Welcomes Rotary District 6450 Governor, debi Ross to Hinsdale Rotary!

September 13, 2019 - 
Hinsdale Rotary welcome District 6450 Governor, debi Ross, to our weekly meeting.  Governor debi shared several thoughts on membership, services that District 6450 offers to clubs, and an update on the upcoming District Meeting, which she has renamed this year as the "BBC", or Big Bodacious Conference which will occur on April 24-26th.

During the meeting, Member Stephanie Sarris was presented with a District 6450 "Future Rock Star" citation which is awarded to new members who demonstrate great leadership potential.

Thank you, Governor debi, for visiting Hinsdale Rotary!@

Hinsdale Rotary Promotes the Oct. 6th Rotary Run at the Amita Ice Cream Social in Hinsdale

Sunday, Aug. 25th - As more than 2,000 Hinsdale area residents gathered to enjoy the Annual Amita Hinsdale Hospital Ice Cream Social at Burlington Park in Hinsdale, Hinsdale Rotarians set up a booth to promote the upcoming Hinsdale Rotary Run, Oct. 6th.

Rotarians Jim Curto, Keith Larson, Jim Nibeck and Tom Norton made up the team that worked the booth and talked up the Rotary Run to hundreds of families attending the event.

Our thanks to the Amita Hinsdale Hospital Foundation for making our presence at the event possible.

A fascinated Debra Anthony listened to adventurer Robert True explain his walk on the 500 mile Camino del Santiago
Hiking Adventurer, Robert True, regales Hinsdale Rotary with tales of his walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Aug. 16, 2019 - 
Hiking adventurer, Robert True, whose passion in life is "long walks" presented a fascinating discussion of his experiences on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

True explained that in his view. "You are not in control on the Camino; God is not in control on the Camino; the CAMINO is the only thing in control on the Camino" as he referenced the difficulties, hazards, and pure joy associated with the "walk".

True also presented a detailed summary of the gear that is needed for such a walk.  He stressed that if you walk the Camino spend the money to get the lightest, best gear possible, starting with your back pack, but also understand that you will find everything you need along the way.

True stated several times that his efforts on the approximate 500 miles Camino del Santiago were difficult, but a life changing experience that he would commend to anyone who has the courage and endurance to attempt the walk.

Visit to the Paul Harris Homesite

Aug. 1, 2019 - 
On a warm, clear summer day, 20 Hinsdale Rotarians traveled to the Morgan Park neighborhood of south Chicago to visit the home and gravesite of Rotary Founder, Paul Harris.

Hinsdale Rotarian, Keith Larson, has been instrumential in the rehab and repurposing of the Harris house.  Here Keith and contractor "Tommy" introduced many of the many changes and adaptations that are being designed into the refurbished Harris home.

Harris lived in this home for 35 years and it was here that Harris called many "Board Meetings" of Rotary down in the basement of this southside Chicago home.

Prior to visiting the Harris home, the group visited the Paul Harris gravesite.  Rotarian Irv Kaplan explained the site and mentioned that Rotarians from all over the world visit Harris' grave.

Following the visit to the Harris home, the club adjourned to the Ridge Country Club for a lovely luncheon before returning home...

Hinsdale Rotary group in front of the Paul Harris home, August 1, 2019

On the new patio of the home, Keith Larson led the group in a review of Paul Harris' life, including his early years as a "rascal".  Apparently Harris was not initially a great academic student.  However, later Harris buckled down, ended up practicing law in Chicago, and married a lady from the Morgan Park neighborhood.

Character Actor, Chelcie Ross, Discusses his Acting Career With Hinsdale Rotary

June 26, 2019 - 
Character Actor, Chelcie Ross, whose 65 film credits include, "Major League" and "Hoosiers", addressed Hinsdale Rotary on the art of acting.

Ross told the group that his career began in college and unexpectedly took off from there.  He said that while the acting career had been a difficult professional course to follow, he had found it extremely rewarding in many ways.

Still active in the profession, Ross' most recent film credit was "The Ballard of Buster Scruggs" in which he played "The Trapper" in that film. The film was released in 2018.

Ross also told the club that he had done 6,000 voice overs for commercials through the years of his career. 

Hinsdale Rotary Begins Volunteering at the Peoples Resource Center "Food Pantry" in Westmont

July 20th, 2019 - 
On Saturday, July 20th, the first volunteer team from Hinsdale Rotary took their turns assisting clients select food at the Peoples Resource Center in Westmont.  Tom Cunningham, Tom Norton, Charlie Hartley, and Mike Pauritsch all put in time on the "grocery line" as well as assisting clients load their food into their cars.

The next Hinsdale Rotary team scheduled to volunteer for a shift at the PRC will serve on Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 8AM-Noon.

If you are interested in signing up for a shift between now and Dec. 31st, please see Ahsan Karim.

Pain Specialist Speaks to Hinsdale Rotary

July 19, 2019 - Nancy Johnson, local pain specialist, spoke to the Club about her  "Square One"program to deal with pain in the human body.  Johnson, who also is a personal trainer, said that determining the neural pathways of a person's pain was integral in coming up with a plan to relieve that pain.

Club members Debra Anthony, Mike Pauritsch,and Manfred & Ingrid Raiser are all patients of Ms. Johnson and her program and all stated during the meeting that she had helped them dramatically reduce their pain.

Ms. Johnson also did some evaluative work during the meeting on member Stephanie Sarris who said she had been dealing with spasms in her leg.  Hopefully, your pain has been relieved, Stephanie?? 

Dr. Charles Ahn Discusses His Medical Mission Trips to North Korea

July 11th, 2019 - 
Dr. Charles Ahn, MD, who specializes in 
ophthalmology, presented a fascinating discussion on several medical mission trips to North Korea that he has participated in over the last ten years.

Dr. Ahn described the state of the North Korean people, the living standards, and the government structure that all North Koreans live under. He gave several examples of how these conditions impacted his group's efforts to provide basic ophthalmological eye care and surgery to those he was able to treat.

His description of the general level of industrialization in North Korea was particularly interesting. He described how the availability of electricity was uncertain on any given day and that on those days he was doing surgery, his team depended on gasoline generators to provide power for his surgical suite.  He also stated that most roads in North Korea that traveled on were not paved and turned to mud in rains.  He said this fact made many of his overland travels between medical centers long and extremely difficult.

All and all, Dr. Ahn provided a graphic presentation of present day North Korea and how one group has managed to bring advanced medical care to hundreds of North Korean citizens who need significant eye care.

Fourth of July, 2019

Hinsdale Rotary was a big part of the Annual Hinsdale Fourth of July Celebration.

To begin, the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic introduced this year's Grand Marshal, Mr. Phil Rooney,(back row, second from right) long time Hinsdale business leader and community contributor, during the parade. Said Mr. Rooney, "Great enthusiasm here today. I am really looking forward to the Oct. 6th Rotary Run!"  Rooney was greeted with applause and well wishes all along the parade route.

Rooney was accompanied during the parade by 10 School District 181 kids and family members who handed out Rotary Run Reminder cards along route, with Rotary Run Chairman, Tom Cunningham coordinating the distribution.

Following the parade, several Rotarians, headed up by race chairs, Paul Flood and Caryl Andersen, presented "The Greg Donnelly Memorial Turtle Races", cosponsored by the Hinsdale Rotary Club and the Village of Hinsdale, at Burlington Park in downtown Hinsdale.

As always, the races were intense, but because this years stable of turtles were very frisky, the races were more exciting than ever!

The secret to the success of this year's Turtle Races was the Hinsdale Fire Department's overnight team who volunteered to take care of our racing turtles the night before and the night after the big event.  After observing the turtles overnight, several fireman reported that they thought this year's turtles were raring to go this year!  

And they were as you can see on the left...

After the races, President Tom Norton presented a thank you cake to the fireman for a job well done. Thanks again to Hinsdale Fire Department for  keeping the turtles happy and ready to race!

Nancy Fleming Addresses the Club on HPV 

June 28th, 2019 - Nancy Fleming from the World Nations Rotary Club in Oak Brook, addressed Hinsdale Rotary on the issue of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and its potential impact on women and men.

Nancy discussed the progress that has been made in treating HPV both here in the US and worldwide and the incredibly positive impact that the HPV virus vaccinations have had since introduced 10 years ago.

Nancy is advocating for Rotary International to take up this issue with a new HPV program similar to the "End Polio" Campaign.  She also shared several HPV outreach campaigns she personally had been involved in in Asia and South America. 

DuPage County States Attorney, Bob Berlin, Addresses Hinsdale Rotary

June 21, 2019 -  DuPage County States Attorney, Bob Berlin, came to Hinsdale Rotary to present information on the office of the DuPage County State Attorney.

Berlin provided updated statistics and insights on crime in DuPage County and emphasized while many aspects of criminal activity in the county have decreased, unfortunately, serious felony crimes are increasing.  Berlin credited this upswing to an increase in fentanyl and heroine use both in DuPage County and Cook County.

Berlin also reviewed several pieces of recent legislation that have made his job more difficult, including lessening penalties on juveniles who commit felonies.

Overall, Berlin said DuPage County is among the most lawful counties in the U.S. and that is due in large part to the citizens who call DuPage County home.

Berlin, who has been DuPage County States Attorney since 2010, heads up an office of 84 assistant state's attorneys.  His office is organized into three bureaus: Criminal Prosecution, Civil, and Administration.

DuPage County States Attorney, Bob Berlin addresses Hinsdale Rotary.

Tom Norton Installed as President of Hinsdale Rotary in the Club's 60th Year
Rotarian Tom Norton of Hinsdale was installed on June 19th as the Club's President for 2019/2020. In the Club's 60th year, Norton called for an emphasis on new membership and challenged all current members to engage in all that Rotary has to offer.  Norton will officially start as President on July 1st, 2019.

June 9th, 2019
Hinsdale Rotary Hot Dog Tent at the Hinsdale Arts Festival

The Hinsdale Rotary "Hot Dog Tent" was once again in action on June 9th, 2019 at the Hinsdale Arts Fair.

The project was headed up by Greg Siedlecki with many Hinsdale Rotarians helping out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to run the program.

Pictured here on the Sunday afternoon shift are Rotarians Paul Flood, Al Alongi, Charley Hartley, Keith Larson, Greg Siedlecki and Tom Doyle.

Great fun and the rain held off (for most of the festival!).

June 8th, 2019
Hinsdale Rotary sponsors
"Beginning of Summer" event at the Willowbrook Corner School

A committee headed up by Hinsdale Rotarian, Stephanie Sarris, put on a "Beginning of Summer" picnic for 100 campers and their parents at the Anne M. Jeans School in Willowbrook.

The event was coordinated in cooperation with the Community House of Hinsdale which sponsors the program at the Willowbrook Corner school.

Other Rotarians participating included President Jim Curto, Tom Cunningham, Jim Nibeck, Dick Goers, Debra Anthony, and Tom Norton.  Caryl Anderson provided planning support and also was able to obtain support from Darien Rotary to cosponsor the event. 

Hinsdale Rotary event coordinator, Stephanie Sarris, with Willowbrook Corner Community House directors.

Games at Willowbrook Corner "Beginning of Summer" picnic

Parents of the Willowbrook Corner community brought their kids to event to register for summer camp, play games, and eat hot dogs and drinks.

Part of the Hinsdale Rotary team that put on the event at Willowbrook Corner.

Tom Cunningham and Dick Goers rest on the two bikes that were raffled off to participants.

President Jim Curto presents the girl's raffle winner with her new bike!

Willowbrook "crew shot" 2

June 1st, 2019
Hinsdale Rotary Formally Presents Rotary Run Proceeds Check to the Community House of Hinsdale

At the June 1st Board Meeting of the Community House of Hinsdale, Hinsdale Rotarians, Tom Cunningham and Keith Larson formally presented this year's Rotary Run contribution to the Community House of $26,000.00.  Executive Director, Annie Krug, accepted the check on behalf of the Community House.

June 1st - June 5th
Rotary International Convention
Hamburg, Germany

Nine members of Hinsdale Rotary attended the 110th Annual meeting of Rotary International.  Ingrid and Manfred Raiser, Lowell and Anke Culver, Carolyn and Chuck Snyder, Tom and Erin Norton, and President Jim Curto all enjoyed five days of exciting and insightful Rotary International events in Hamburg.
Opening Session, June 2nd, Hamburg, Germany

Downtown Hamburg...with the city's Rathaus, or townhall, in foreground
City of Hamburg rolled out the red carpet for Rotary in every part of the city...

Old White Swan cargo ship in Hamburg harbor flying "End Polio Now" banners

Fresh asparagus was in season and available in Hamburg's many markets

The port of Hamburg, Germany's largest, and third largest in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp...

Group dinner on Sunday evening, June 2nd, at Hamburg Renaissance Hotel. (L-R) Ingrid and Manfred Raiser, Erin and Tom Norton, Jim Curto, Carolyn and Chuck Snyder

The St. Nicholas Cathedral Memorial to the 1943 Allied Fire Bombing of Hamburg...during WW II.

Fabulous organ concert at the St. Michaelis Hamburg on Monday evening, June 3rd. 

Quiet evenings out on the town.  This restaurant is located in one of the oldest streets in Hamburg.

The Snyders and Nortons taking in neighborhood restaurant, Anno 1905.  Lots of food!!

Visitation of local Rotary clubs occurred on Tuesday, June 4th.  Hinsdale Rotary participated in this event which was held at a small seacoast town on the Baltic Sea.  Beautiful spot!

Erin and Tom Norton enjoying a couple of local beers on the Baltic Coast during the local Rotary club event.

Visit to Heide, Germany home of Lowell and Anke Culver...on Wednesday, June 5th. They also invited members of their local Rotary Club to join the Raisers and the Nortons for afternoon coffee and cake.  A wonderful afternoon.

Lowell explaining the history of Heide, Germany to Manfred Raiser.

At the home of Johannes Brahms, in Heide, Germany...

Farewell to Oskar!

May 30th, 2019 - Hinsdale Rotary said "Farewell" to Oskar Salvolainen, our Rotary Exchange Student from Finland who attended Hinsdale Central High School this past year.  A special cake was prepared for the occasion.

Oskar described his time in America as "unforgettable, and better than anything he had hoped for". 

We wish Oskar well and hope to see him back in the U.S.A. soon!

Bikes for Military Kids, May 18, 2019

Saturday morning, May 18th, 2019, Armed Forces Day in the USA, Hinsdale Rotary honored Illinois active military by presenting 102 bicycles to children of military families.  We call the program, "Bikes for Military Kids".  

In its second year, and in cooperation with USO of Illinois and The Community House of Hinsdale, Hinsdale Rotary has presented more than 200 bicycles to the active military families of Illinois.

This year we also had 5 students from District 181 Hinsdale Middle School assisting with the distribution, and HMS Principal Pena joined in the fun as well.

It is a joyous event with many of the kids receiving their first bikes.  Military kids move often and many have never had a bicycle before.  The childrens' faces light up as they were told, "Pick any bike you want, and it is yours!"

This year, all 102 bicycles were claimed and 102 children happily road away with "Bikes for Military Kids"!

102 "Bikes for Military Kids" Delivered to Community House

May 16, 2019 - Early the morning of May 16th, eight Hinsdale Rotarians gathered at the Darien Walmart Super Center to move 102 bikes and 102 helmets to the Community House for distribution to 102 kids on Saturday, May 18th, Armed Forces Day in the USA. 

It took two trips in our 26' rented truck to make the move, but all 102 bikes/helmets made it in good shape and are now waiting to meet their new, young "Military Kid" owners Saturday morning, starting at 8AM.

The "Walmart Team" left to right: Mike Pauritsch, Tom Norton, Jim Curto, Ahsan Karim, Don Brummet, Chuck Snyder, Oskar  Savolainen, and Greg Siedlecki.

The Great Spring Storage Bin Clean Up!

May 11, 2019 - Rotarian Ahsan Karim lines up a "selfie" with the five other Hindsale Rotarians (Greg Siedlecki, Charlie Hartley, Tom Norton, Caryl Andersen, Virgil Oostendorp) who worked two hours on Saturday morning, clearing out old and non-useable items from the Rotary storage bin.  Goal was to reduce our saved items and move to a smaller, more economical storage bin.

Hinsdale Assistant Fire Chief, Tim McElroy, speaks to Hinsdale Rotary

May 10, 2019 - Hinsdale's Assistant Fire Chief, Tim McElroy, spoke to the Hinsdale Rotary Club about the changing role of fireman in our society.  McElroy pointed out that when he began service with the Hinsdale Fire Department in 1979, the department fielded 250 calls for the year.  During the most recent year, Hinsdale Fire Department managed 2,700 calls.

McElroy stated that role of fireman in society today has changed from simply dealing with fire emergencies and medical calls, to backing up the police in shooting incidents, dealing with drug overdoses cases, and leading general public safety in their towns and villages.

He also outlined the tech driven "sharing" of responsibilities between Hinsdale and its neighboring fire departments.  He pointed out one fire two years ago in Hinsdale that caused 10 neighboring fire departments to converge on a large burning house that required many fireman and a lot of specialized equipment to bring under control.

A great talk and much enlightment shared by Assistant Fire Chief Tim McElroy.


Community House "Walk the Walk" 2019

April 28, 2019 - Following a 5" late April snowfall(!), nine hardy Hinsdale Rotarians presented water and energy bars to the estimated 700 walkers in the 2019 Community House "Walk the Walk" for Autism and associated mental health issues.

Hinsdale Rotary also used the event as a "cross marketing" opportunity to promote the Oct. 6th Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic to the walkers as they completed their 3K course. Happy to report that 5 walkers took the opportunity to sign up for the Rotary Run Fall Classic! 

Pictured to the left are: Astrid Slesser, Jim Slesser, Carolyn Snyder, Chuck Snyder, Tom Cunningham, Ahsan Karim, Virgil Oostendorp, Ralph Mueller, and Tom Norton

Dr. Balakrishnan Discusses Hospice Care with Hinsdale Rotary

April 26, 2019 -  Dr. Balu Balakrishnan provided an insightful presentation on the topic of hospice care.  Dr. Balakrishnan's position on hospice care is that like any other plan in life, making a careful hospice care plan is a very reasonable, and wise idea to carefully consider.  Dr. Balakrishnan led the club in a discussion which covered why people resist end of life care?  What are some of the options now available to people?  And how should a person interested in planning for hospice care go about initiating it?

Our thanks to Dr. Balakrishnan for his presentation.

Hinsdale Rotary Says "Thanks" to School District 181 Teachers and Staff

April 26, 2019 - During the meeting today of the Hinsdale Rotary Club, the club sent out a big "Thank You" to the teachers and staff of School District 181 in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10.

The club is holding up a recently presented check which was provided to the District 181 Foundation.

The Rotary Club of Hinsdale appreciates the support that the teachers and staff give to the annual Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic that will be presented this year on Oct. 6, 2019.  To register go to:

Hinsdale Rotary Presents D 181 Foundation with Check for $5,200 

April 18th, 2019 - Rotarians Keith Larson, RRCC Chairman 2018 and Tom Cunningham, RRCC Chairman 2019 (right), presented School District 181 Foundation CEO, Meg Cooper and Foundation President, James Fawley (left), with a check for $5,200 at the Foundation's Board Meeting last week.  This contribution to the D181 Foundation was funded from the proceeds of the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic, 2018.

April 19th, 2019
Visiting Hamburg, Germany with the Culvers!

April 19, 2019 - Anke and Lowell Culver presented a personal review and discussion on the City of Hamburg, Germany where the 2019 RI Convention will be held this June.

Anke grew up just to the north of Hamburg on the North Sea and told of her remembrances of WW II in the Hamburg area, and how the city has recovered from that period.

Lowell told of his first trips to Hamburg for the US government in the early 1950's and of meeting Anke there.

Lowell and Anke will host a reception at their Hamburg home for Hinsdale Rotarians who will be in city for the RI Convention and also will lead the Hinsdale delegation to Hamburg restaurants and a lake cruise, May 31 thru June 5.

Incoming RI President, Mark Maloney, Addresses Local Rotaries

March 11, 2019 -  Incoming Rotary International President, Mark Maloney, appeared at the Burr Ridge, IL Marriott to address new President-Elects and local Rotary Club members.  About 200 hundred attended the evening event.

Hinsdale Rotary was well represented with 10 members participating and all were inspired by Mr. Maloney's thoughts on new membership, programming, and the goals of Rotary 

Incoming RI President, Mark Maloney, addresses local Rotarians at the Burr Ridge Marriott, March 11th.

Member Fred Glinke Retires to Florida

Hinsdale Rotary Member, Fred Glinke, Owner of Glinke Plumbing, has sold his business and is moving to Daytona Beach, FL. Fred has been a member of Hinsdale Rotary for 43 years.

On Friday, February 22nd, Hinsdale Rotary made Fred an Honorary Member and looks forward to seeing during his visits back to Hinsdale from his new home in Florida.

Good luck and best wishes, Fred!

February 1, 2019 - Six local Merit Scholars received recognition from Hinsdale Rotary  

They were: (L to R)
Laith Khartabil, Grace Epstein, Clarendon Hills MS; Lauren Priest, Hinsdale MS; Jame Curto, President Hinsdale Rotary; Olivia Kreischer, Hinsdale Central HS; Mehlum Anjarwala, Hinsdale MS; Eric Miscimarra, Hinsdale Central HS.

All recipients also received complimentary registrations to next fall's 25th running of the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic, Oct. 6th, 2019.

Jan. 4, 2019 - Rotary Foreign Students Tour Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Cheri Vana leads seven of the District 6450 Foreign Exchange Students to the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry.  This has become an annual trip organized by Member Tom Norton.

District 6450 Rotary Foreign Exchange Students in front of the MSI Rotunda Christmas Tree...

The Hinsdalean - Nov. 21st

It's in the bag — Young volunteer Andrew Patel does his part for the Care for Carolina drive Nov. 15 at Clarendon Hills Middle School. Members of the District 181 community, in partnership with the District 181 Foundation and the Rotary Club of Hinsdale, collected school supplies for students in Robeson County,  N.C., whose schools were devastated by Hurricane Florence in September. (Jim Slonoff photo)

"Care for Carolina"

The afternoon of Nov. 15th, members of the Hinsdale Rotary Club helped hundreds of School District 181 students and staff load up 1,000 school bags full of supplies -- in only 60 minutes!

The bags will be shipped to Robeson County, NC where Rotarians from the Lumberton, NC Rotary Club will help the Robeson County School District distribute the supplies and bags.

Special thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Naperville that gave a big assist to our Hinsdale Club in this effort and also to Cadence Premier Logistics of Joliet, IL for providing the truck that will deliver the supplies to Lumberton.

Cadence is estimating that the school supplies will be in Lumberton before Thanksgiving.

Check out the great District 181 video of the event here:

Astrid Slesser helps distribute rulers to each book bag

  Carolyn, Carole, and Jim load pencils     Bob wrestles with loose pencils             Chuck on ruler duty
Loading up 1,000 book bags in 60 minutes! The Cadence Premier Logistics crew that made it happen

District 181, Foundation and Hinsdale Rotary Team Up to Support Hurricane Relief for North Carolina Schools

Community Asked to Donate School Supplies for Students in Need Nov. 12-16



Community Consolidated School District 181, The District 181 Foundation and the Hinsdale Rotary Club are coming together in a community effort to support the devastating losses incurred by the Robeson County, North Carolina School District during Hurricane Florence.

As a result of the destruction caused by hurricane Florence, the school system was closed for several weeks due to hazardous road conditions as well as damage to schools and school facilities.  As one local resident stated, ‘There's so much devastation in this county. I don't know what's going to happen.’


To support our fellow educators and students, we’re asking our communities to donate school supplies from now to November 14th.  November 12-16 is National Education Week, a fitting designation for our schools to show that we have a heart for high-quality education not just in our own communities but nationwide.


Donations of goods or cash will be collected at all D181 schools during school hours and at drop-off sites throughout the community. Cash donations can also be accepted online at  Click on the donate link by the Care for Carolina event on the homepage.  All cash donations will be used to purchase school supply items.

Our goal is for D181 schools to fill 1,000 book bags with school supplies that are deeply needed by Robeson County schools.  Schools are being asked to collect the following items, which will then be packed into backpacks and shipped to North Carolina.

The drive will culminate with a volunteer event on November 15th at CHMS from 3:30-6:30 where the supplies are packed up and loaded into a truck that will take them to Robeson County. 

Rotarians are asked to volunteer, along with the District 181 students, in assembling the book bags on November 15th.  A sign up sheet will be available at our Friday Club meetings.

The logistics and truck were made possible through a partnership between the  Rotary Club of Hinsdale, The Rotary Club of Naperville, The Rotary Club of Lumberton, NC, and Cadence Premier Logistics. The District 181 Foundation is providing “Kids Grants” to D181 students to encourage them to use their ingenuity in reaching their collection goals.




Retiring Oak School PE Teacher, Marianne Biedrzycki, (second from right) was recognized by School District 181 for 20 years of collaboration with the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic.  "Mrs. B" was instrumental in recruiting many students and families to participate in the run since 1998.

Mrs. B also served as the Grand Marshal of the 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic and oversaw a very successful race!

Also pictured on the right of the shot is new, incoming Hinsdale Rotary Member, Dr. Hector Garcia, Superintendent of District 181.

Event Logo

The start of the 10K race for the 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic

Photo: Courtesy: "The Doings"

A young girl cheers on her Mom in the Hinsdale Rotary Run
(Photo: Courtesy: "Hinsdalean" - Jim Slonoff, photographer)

Sunday October 14th dawned as a clear, crisp autumn day with more than 700 runners joining in the fun surrounding the 24th running of the 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic. "Hinsdale's Family Race" did not disappoint in any way! The CARA certified 10K race got off promptly at 8:30AM with the 5K and 3K races stepping off shortly afterwards.

Following the running races came the 5K and 3K walks, The "Walk and Roll", and finally, The Mutt Strut.

The "World Famous" District 181 Mascot Race rounded out the competition this year. "Bowser" the Mascot of the Elm School Bulldogs bested the very tough field of 8 mascot racers.

This year's race was overseen by Grand Marshal, Marianne Biedrzycki, (Mrs. B) who has urged her students in Oak School PE classes to register and run in the annual event for 20 years. Hinsdale Rotary believes Marianne is responsible for thousands of registrations of kids and their families in the Rotary Run -- and salutes "Mrs. B" for her service and dedication to her students and school as she prepares to retire in 2019.

An estimated $80,000 was raised by this year's edition of the Rotary Run and will be donated to the The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, the Ray Graham and Hanson Center Foundation, The District 181 Foundation, The Community House of Hinsdale, and the Hinsdale Rotary Club Foundation.  Over the 24 years that the race has been run, the Rotary Run has raised over $2,000,000 for local charities in and around Hinsdale.

Runners at all level participate in the 24th Running of the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic

10K runner, finishing strong!

Everyone runs!

Young 3K runner finishes!

The Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic is made up of runners from every level, of every running interest. At its heart, it is "Hinsdale's Family Run"

Those on the sidelines, cheer the runners on!

The 10K Winners!

Ed Scheer, Men's 10K Champ...and Women's 10K Champ, Rebecca Cozzi, with Tom Norton and "Mrs. B"

  Oak School Wins the 2018 "Mrs. B" Trophy!

The "World Famous" District 181
School Mascot Race...for 2018

The Mascot Race is won, pulling away, by "Bowser", School Mascot for the Elm School Bulldogs!

Thanks to Jamie Laviguere, District 181 Communications Director for the use of her pictures in this presentation.
Hinsdale Rotary President, Jim Curto, closes the 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic and thanks all the runners and their families for their great support of this year's event...

The Hinsdale Rotary Run Benefits from a "Proceeds Night" at the Fuller House in Hinsdale

Hinsdale Rotary worked hard to get as many people as possible to patronize The Fuller House Bar and Restaurant on Monday evening, Aug. 27th, 6-9pm. 

Why did the club do this? 

The Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic was to receive 10% of the proceeds from all food and drink sold that night at the Fuller House and the more people who came, the more benefit for the race.

As it turned out, it was a good night at the Fuller House. Dozens of people came out and in the end, the Hinsdale Rotary Run netted about $400.00 towards the total sponsorship of the Oct. 14th race.

A great night, with good food and drink, all for a great cause -- The 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic!
Celebrating "Proceeds Night" for Hinsdale Rotary
Right to Left: Meg Cooperman, President, District 181 Foundation; Greg Siedlecki, Hinsdale Rotary; Erin Norton, Hinsdale Rotary supporter; and Marianne Biedryzcki, Oak School PE Instructor and Grand Marshal of the 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Run

Hinsdale Rotary Generates Huge Presence in the
2018 Hinsdale Fourth of July Parade
& Village Celebrations

The Annual Hinsdale Rotary "Turtle Races" --- Rotary Turtle Race Chairman, Greg Donnelly, with Gabriel, the overall Champion "Turtle Whisperer"!

"Mrs. B" and Oak School's mascot, "Hootie", promoting the October 14, 2018 Hinsdale Rotary Charity Classic (

The "Bikes for Military Kids" pick up carrying active military and their families...

...And the Hanson Center Horse Trailer donated to the organization by Hinsdale Rotary.

Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada

June 22-27, 2018

Over 25 thousand Rotarians from all over the world gathered in Toronto for Rotary's 109th Annual Meeting.

Hinsdale Rotary sent a delegation of nine (six Rotarians - Bob Parsons, Jim Curto, Cheri Vana, Chuck and Carolyn Snyder, & Tom Norton) and three spouse/guests to the event which included key addresses from Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, former First Lady Laura Bush, and many other globally notable speakers.

Break out sessions lasted for three days and covered everything from polishing up club websites, to increasing membership,  learning about RI Foundation Giving, and dozens of other topics. 

It wasn't all work though!  The Hinsdale crew got away for a wonderful group dinner at the Nove Trattoria Italian restaurant in MidTown Toronto,(see left) and also attended a great event at the Toronto Lawn and Tennis Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Toronto Eglinton, Tom Norton's old Canadian club.

All and all, a super event in a booming North American city!

Riding the Rails in the Toronto Subway System...otherwise known as the "Red Rocket"

"Bikes for Military Kids"

Hinsdale “Doings”

May 21, 2018


100 children from military families receive bikes from Hinsdale Rotary Club

Kimberly Fornek Contact Reporter

Pioneer Press



A hundred children left the Community House with a new bicycle Saturday morning, in honor of Armed Forces Day and courtesy of the Rotary Club of Hinsdale.

All the boys and girls, ages 3 to 9, are children of Illinois men and women serving in the military.

Twenty-five boys and 25 girls, age 3 to 5, received a 12-inch bicycle and 25 boys and 25 girls, age 6 to 9, received a 20-inch bicycle. They all also were given a bicycle helmet.


The USO of Illinois last year donated 100 bicycles to children of military families and saw they could have given away many more.

So this year, the Hinsdale Rotary Club decided to partner with the USO and pay for the bikes, said Tom Norton, a Hinsdale Rotarian and a USO volunteer.


Norton stored the 100 bicycles for more than two weeks in his garage.

“My grandchildren have been lustfully looking at them,” he said.

But after he explained who will get the bicycles they were satisfied to just look, he said.

Neighbors who have seen the bikes filling his garage asked him if he was going into the bicycle-selling business.

The Rotary Club learned buying 100 bicycles at a time was more difficult than they thought. Club members expected to buy the bicycles en masse and have them delivered, but that was not an option.


Instead, they bought the bicycles from the Walmart in Darien and rented a truck to transport the bikes from the store to Norton’s garage in early May.


“I give a pat on the back to the Darien Walmart,” Norton said. “When they learned why we wanted them, they had their full team come out and load them on the truck.”


That was after Walmart employees made sure the bicycles were properly assembled, with all the bolts tightened and the tires properly inflated, Norton said.


The Rotarians rented another truck to take the bikes from Norton’s house to the Community House. And the night before delivery, they double-checked that the bicycles were ready to go, so after the families took them home, the children could get right on and start riding.


Illinois Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti was on hand to help with the giveaway.

The USO has an online service where it publicizes opportunities and outings for military families. Within two days of posting the bicycle giveaway, 168 families had signed up, Norton said.


At that point, the USO cut off registration and chose which of the 168 families would get a new bicycle in a random lottery.

The USO reports about 25,000 active military personnel live in Illinois and about half of them are married, Norton said.


The Rotary Club invited all the children who received a bicycle at the Community House to march and ride with them in Hinsdale’s Fourth of July parade.

Our thanks to USO of Illinois for coordinating "Bikes for Military Kids"!

(L to R) Oak School Principal, Dr. Martha Henrickson, “Hooty” the Oak School mascot, and Marianne Biedrzycki (“Mrs. B”) during the awarding of the “Mrs. B Trophy” during the 2016 Great Rotary Run in Hinsdale.

Marianne Biedrzycki, "Mrs. B", Named
Grand Marshal 
for the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic Scheduled for Oct. 14, 2018

Living healthy. Giving back to your community. Touching the lives of others…
This is what the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic means to Oak School teacher Marianne Biedrzycki who has been named The Grand Marshal for the Great Rotary Run of 2018, which is set for Sunday,
October 14th.

Marianne, known as “Mrs. B” to her District 181 students, for the past 20 years has encouraged her elementary school classes to participate in the annual community race. During those years, the race has evolved into a major Hinsdale Rotary Club “family fall event” designed as a fundraiser for not only the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation, but also for The Community House of Hinsdale, The District 181 Foundation, The Ray Graham Foundation, and the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation. 

Back in 2011, it was decided that the trophy awarded to the District 181 school that not only registered the most runners, but actually turned them out to run in The Great Rotary Run of Hinsdale, should be named “The Mrs. B Trophy”.  This was done to honor Marianne for her years and years of dedicated effort on behalf of the race and her undying devotion to the community in which she works.


“Initially I felt the Great Rotary Run was a fun way to culminate my fitness unit and to participate in an important community event,” Biedrzycki said, who got involved with the run as a PE teacher at Monroe School back in 1998.

“As the run got bigger and bigger, the kids liked it, more and more” she added. “To this day we’re building teams, touching lives and trying to win that “Mrs. B” participation trophy.

It’s hoped the community with turn out to support her and to thank her for her many years of service to the community.  Be sure to register for the Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic now at:


Take advantage of the new, low, discounted registration fees as you help the Hinsdale Rotary Club honor “Mrs. B” and her 20 years of service to the community.

Congratulations from Hinsdale Rotary to Marianne Biedrzycki!  See you on October 14th!

February 23, 2018

Hinsdale Humane Society

Tom Van Winkle, newly appointed Executive Director of the Hinsdale Humane Society, spoke to the club on the new direction of that local non-profit.  He detailed the rehab of the old Crown Center that will be completed by next fall, offering a completely new Hinsdale Humane Society facility to the community.

Van Winkle stressed that the new center is an "area" humane society, taking in animals from at least eight neighboring villages, as well as accepting animals displaced by floods, hurricanes, and even the California fires.

Feb. 2, 2018
Youth Merit Awards
President Don Brummet proudly presents Rotary Youth Merit Awards to Seniors Emma Suvacarov and Daniella Di Stefano of the Hinsdale Adventist Academy 

And 8th graders Phillip Suvacarov and Katherine Arroyo also of the Hinsdale Adventist Academy

January 19, 2018

Craig Anderson, Executive Director, Illinois High School Association, presented a wide ranging program addressing Illinois High School sports and many activities that are sanctioned and managed by the IHSA.

Anderson also addressed controversial areas of high school sports today such as football concussions, "single sport" athletes, and how IHSA is managing social issues such as transgender athletes.

 Youth Merit Awards - Dec. 8th

Hinsdale Rotary President, Don Brummet proudly presents Youth Merit Awards to:

Hinsdale Central High School-  Kathryn Hodakowski

Clarendon Hills Middle School - 8th grader Micah Mc Curry

Hinsdale Middle School - 8th graders Emma Biegansky and Killian Hughes

Ray Graham/Hanson Center Christmas Party - December 1, 2017

Hinsdale Rotary provides an early Christmas Celebration and luncheon for Hanson Center class, including caroling!

Hinsdale Rotary team serving lunch The team that made it happen at the Hanson Center!

Christmas Comes Early at the Hanson Center!

On Dec. 5th, the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation
Donated a New Three Horse Trailer to The Hanson Center Therapeutic Horse Program

The Ray Graham Association’s Hanson Center, located in Burr Ridge, is home to the Therapeutic Horsemanship Program.  

The program utilizes over 20 therapy horses to help children and adults with developmental disabilities, wounded veterans and those challenged with issues such as anxiety and traumatic brain injury.


Over the years, the Hinsdale Rotary Club has made countless gifts to the Hanson Center and in the past few years started hosting three parties each year for the people supported there and the staff.  The club’s generosity doesn’t stop there.


Christmas came early this year in the form of a new three-horse trailer donated to the Hanson Center by the Hinsdale Rotary Club Foundation.  The Foundation does charitable work both locally and internationally. 

Funding comes from individual Rotarians, donations from the community, fundraising events like the Hinsdale Rotary Run each fall, and grants. 


“Getting a new horse trailer was one of our top needs,” said Cathy LeBeau, administrator of the Therapeutic Horsemanship Program.  “In the past we have had to borrow a trailer to take our horses to a horse show or to an emergency vet appointment.  We didn’t have the resources to buy the trailer on our own.” 


“We were so happy that the Foundation could help,” said Rotarian and past president Bob Parsons.  We are happy to support the work they do there and appreciate their commitment to the community and helping those in need.”


LaGrange Rotary "Pilgrim Pie Run" Nov. 23rd

Nov. 23rd, 2017 - Tom and Erin Norton; and Char and Keith Larson run/walk in the LaGrange Rotary 2017 5k "Pilgrim Pie Run" on Thanksgiving Day.  Everyone got a pie!

Youth Merit Award Winners Nov. 17th
Hinsdale Rotary Club President, Don Brummet proudly presents the Youth Merit Award to the following deserving students:

St. Isaac Jogues School - 8th graders Elizabeth (Lily) Danaher, and Caroline Miller

Notre Dame School - 8th graders Erin Howard, Emma Shannon

Nov. 6, 2017 - Rotary Exchange Students Visit the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Our seven West Suburban Rotary Exchange Students toured the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry on Nov. 6th.  Hinsdale Rotarians Cheri Vana and Tom Norton organized the trip


Hinsdale Rotary Welcomes Rotarian John Mulindabigwi of Uganda and North Lawndale Coordinator Mike Trout, Oct. 27th, 2017

Hinsdale Rotary welcomed Ugandan Rotarian, John Mulindabigwi, who is involved in a number of Rotary projects in Uganda, and Mike Trout of the North Lawndale community to our weekly meeting.

The pair spoke about several educational, sanitation, and industrial projects that Mr. Mulindadigwi has headed up for the last ten years in Uganda with assistance from Illinois Rotary Clubs and local West Suburban churches.

A Success!
Event Raises Over $70,000 for Charities

500 Racers from 40 Communities participate in 23rd Annual 
Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic, October 15th

Courtesy: Hinsdale "Doings" 10.16.17

The 23rd Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic Race, a CARA certified annual event, brought participants, spectators and hundreds of volunteers out for the Morgan Stanley 10K run, the Rooney 5K run, the Molex 5K walk, the Hinsdale Bank & Trust 3K run, the Birches Walk & Stroll, the Mutt Strut, and the Hinsdale Grade School Mascot Race to the historic streets of Hinsdale and beautiful surrounding neighborhoods before returning to The Community House at 415 West Eighth St.

A wide variety of family activities were featured on the grounds, including: an awards ceremony, pumpkin decorating, vendor/sponsor booths, music and refreshments. The result link on this website takes you to all of the race results.

The start of the RRCC 2017 10K race!

(Photo courtesy Dick Goers)

 Oak School wins the "Mrs. B" Trophy!

Rotary Member and race sponsor, Kirsten Jepsen, with Dick Coan, who at 76 was the oldest racer in RRCC 2017 

The "Mr. K Trophy" was won by Hinsdale Middle School

In an incredibly close race, it's called a tie between Oak School Mascot, "Hooty" and Madison School, "Paws"..
.(See video, below)

(Photo courtesy Dick Goers)

There were over 500 runners and walkers, from 40 communities who pariticipated.

District 181 schools continued their long-standing tradition of a friendly competition for the highest percentage of student and staff Rotary Run event registrants.

Hinsdale Middle School won the "Mr. K Cup", and Oak School won the "Mrs. B Trophy".

The world famous mascot race ended in a tie between “Hootie” from Oak School; and “Paws” from Madison School (See video, below)

The 23rd annual Rotary Run Charity Classic, which raised over $70,000 for charity, partnered with AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale, making it a true community event. 

The RRCC benefited some of the most well-known charities in our suburban area including The Hinsdale Community House, Amita Medical Center, Hinsdale, Foundation, District 181 Foundation, Rotary Club of Hinsdale Foundation, Hinsdale Humane Society and the Ray Graham Association- Hanson Center.

Hinsdale Rotary Run for Charity results can be found here.

(Copy courtesy Enterprise


Race MC, Member Greg Donnelly, (fourth from left) poses with Hinsdale District 181 grade school mascots at end of the RRCC races

Seventy five "serious runners" kick off the 10K race at the start of the 23rd Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic...
Hundreds more followed in the 5K, 3K, Mutt Strut, and Rock and Roll races.

The incredile Hinsdale Grade School "Mascot Race" -- A tie between the Oak School Mascot, "Hooty"
 and the Madison School Mascot, "Paws"

Hinsdale Rotary thanks the President of the Glen Ellyn Rotary, Ed Scheer, for running in the 10K event of the 2017 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic!

Some who shouted their support, others who gave their all as volunteers, and the many, many more who ran...

Thanks to everyone who sponsored, volunteered, cheered, and most of all, raced in the 2017 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic!

Chilly weather, but NO RAIN, keep spirits up at this RRCC water table...


A Big Thank You to the Sponsors of
The 2017 Hinsdale Rotary Run Charity Classic

Platinum Sponsor

Amita Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale

Race Sponsors

Voyager Media Publications

Hinsdale Bank and Trust Company

Morgan Stanley

The Birches Assisted Living


Diamond and Gold Sponsors

Bukes Salon and Spa

Crowe Horwath

MPS Loria Financial Planners

Manor Care Hinsdale

DeSitter Flooring

Patina Now Copper Treatment

Tate Enterprises

Burr Ridge Bank and Trust

Shell Food Mart

Silver Sponsors

Calamos Investments

Brummet and Olsen Certified Public Accountants

Keith R. Larson Architect and Engineer

Caldwell Banker

Golden Trail

Dr. Bob Parsons

Bill Jacobs Range Rover Hinsdale

Bronze Sponsors

Kramer Foods

Costco Wholesale

Hinsdale Fruit Store

Fuller's Hardware

Edward Jones

Virgil Oostendorp CLU & Associates


Einstein Brothers Bagels

Kirsten's Danish Bakery


The Rotary Club of Hinsdale
Greatly Appreciates Support for the 2017 RRCC 

The Rotary Club of Darien
The Rotary Club of Downers Grove
The Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn
The Rotary Club of Hinsdale-Oak Brook Sunrise
The Rotary Club of LaGrange
The Rotary Club of Oak Park
The Rotary Club of Western Springs
The Rotary Club of Westmont

Thank You!

"Service Above Self"

2017 Hinsdale Rotary Race Charity Classic Coordinator and Chairman, Keith Larson, giving a "thumbs up" to all the local Rotary clubs that supported this 23rd running of the RRCC.


Project LEAP Teachers from South Africa Visit Hinsdale Rotary, September 22nd

Seven teachers from the South Africa LEAP Program ( came to Hinsdale Rotary to share their personal experiences in being educated in the LEAP schools, and now being able to teach new students in those same schools.  The seven teachers are in Hinsdale visiting Hinsdale Central and spending time with families in the area to gain perspective on American education and home life.

Hinsdale Rotary is a proud sponsor of the LEAP Program and will continue to do so in the future.


Association House of Chicago receives 550 amenity kits from Hinsdale Rotary and O'Hare Rotary Clubs, September 7th, 2017

Following the recent District 6450 Conference, Member Bob Parsons obtained a Club endorsement of a project to obtain (business class) airline amenity kits from the Chicago O'Hare Rotary Club for the mobile HIV-Aids testing unit at Association House of Chicago.

After coordination with Association House and the O'Hare club, on Sept 7th, Bob arranged to pick up 550 plus kits and deliver them to Association House. AS Bob points out, this was a project of, and gift from, the Hinsdale Rotary Club and the O'Hare Rotary Club. This should be a 6 month supply for the Association House.
Well done, Bob!
The Association House of Chicago mobile van

Bob Parsons delivering airline amenity kits to the Association              550 kits were delivered.  A 6 month supply!
House of Chicago


Rotary "White Sox" Night at Guaranteed Rate Field, Aug. 1, 2017

The White Sox lost 8-4 to the Toronto Blue Jays, but it was a night filled with fun and Rotary fellowship...Don Brummet and Keith Larson with family members and friends, and Tom Norton with wife, Erin.


Eleventh Annual Hinsdale Rotary Club Fourth of July "Turtle Race", 2017 -- A Success!

250 kids raced 30 turtles...And once again, the Hinsdale Police Department turtle, beat the turtle from the Hinsdale Fire Department.  Village President, Tom Cauley,(in red shirt) called the race along with Rotary Turtle Race coordinator, Greg Donnelly, between the two Hinsdale departments.


Bill Gates at the June 2017 Rotary International Convention, Atlanta, GA

Bill Gates commits an additional $450 million dollars to the Rotary Polio Eradication Program on June 12th, during the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. John Germ, Rotary International President, 2016-17, accepts the Gates' Foundation gift on behalf of all Rotarians

Incoming Hinsdale Rotary President, Tom Cunningham, and club members Carolyn and Chuck Snyder attended the Atlanta event.
(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg News)

Nearly 40,000 members of Rotary – a global network of professional and community leaders committed to improving lives and bringing positive, lasting change to communities around the world – convened this week in Atlanta, GA for Rotary International's organization’s 108th International Convention.

As noted above, Bill Gates once again, through his significant financial and moral support, got behind Rotary's Polio Eradication Campaign--100%!

Strategic Planning Session for 2017/2018

Nicki Scott leads Hinsdale Rotary Board through a strategic planning session for the 2017/18 year on June 6th.  Members described the session as very useful to determining club goals for the next year.

In Memoriam

Earl Larson

Hinsdale Rotarian

1963 - 2019

Past President 1968

October 24, 2019


Humane Society Run Hot Dog Tent, June 4th

ABC 7 TV Reporter, Judy Hsu, joins the Hinsdale Rotary Hot Dog and Brat Tent crew at the Hinsdale Humane Society Run, June 4th


Visit to the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago for Our District 6450 Rotary Exchange Students, June 5th

Ashifa Primardhika, Indonesia; Paula Patino, Mexico; Chloe Tirard, France take in a day at the Chicago MSI.  They were accompanied by Hinsdale Rotarians Cheri Vana, District Coordinator for Rotary Exchange students, and Tom Norton.

The Rotary Exchange Students with Tom Norton at the "Wright 1903 Flyer" replica Tom's MSI team created for the museum in 2003

In Memoriam

Gregory B. Donnelly 


Rotarian 1992-2018 
Past President 2006 
Secretary 2004 
Sgt -at- Arms 2003 
Asst District Governor 2010-13 
Rotarian of the Year 2004, 2009 
Service Above Self 1992, 2003, 2006 
Chairman RotaryRun thru 2015 
Founder RCH Turtle Races 
Paul Harris Fellow 6X 
Paul Harris Society

Donations in Greg’s memory may be made to the Hinsdale Rotary Foundation and may be mailed to P.O. 395, Hinsdale, IL 60521.

In Memoriam

Brian Andersen
Past District Governor
Member, Rotary Club of Darien

Brian A. Andersen, age 76, of Downers Grove, passed away 
on October 2nd. He is survived by his best friend and 
beloved wife Caryl, sons Brian, Jr. (Barbara) and 
Timothy (Julie), stepdaughter Rebecca Ralston, grand children
and great-grandchildren.

Tom Norton


Meeting Location:

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